Tired of the same routine of sitting in our cars during traffic jams or sitting at our desks all day? We created bikebus!

The idea was formulated after hearing people complain about how many hours they waste sitting in traffic, and after reading many articles about how sitting for long periods of time is directly linked to chronic disease. Doctors actually say, “Sitting is the new smoking.” We found a way for people to burn 600 calories in a totally new way and in a totally new place – the highway!

We were lucky to meet forward-thinking people that helped us get the flywheels on the bikebus going round-and-round. Within months, we were able to meet every regulatory and safety standard to build this incredibly exciting, engaging, and smile-inducing breakout session. The bikebus is available for morning commuter rides, lunch breaks, team building retreats after work, and afternoon commuter rides. Check out our Gallery, and you’ll see why everyone’s talking.

See ya on board!

Seema and Eric Brodie