We wanted to create a fun, healthy and unique experience!

The idea to create a mobile gym that allows you to safely workout while traveling on the open road was actually proposed at the family dinner table one night in August of 2014. And, there it was … our mind-blowing, AHA moment! Some people would say that the summer heat had gone to our heads.

Since we’re both lawyers, we were not about to jump into this without researching the heck out of it. We came upon some research that shows that our increasingly sedentary lives is directly linked to chronic disease. “Sitting is the new smoking,” doctors say. After reading dreary article after dreary article, we were even more inspired to tackle what we discovered was an actual public health problem. We believed that we could create a fun and unique way to get people active in places where they least expected to have the chance to do so – while traveling in a vehicle touring the city of Boston!

We were lucky to meet a forward-thinking team at the Transportation Oversight Division of Massachusetts that helped us get the wheels and flywheels on the BikeBus going round-and-round. Within months, we were able to meet every regulatory and motor vehicle safety standard to build this incredible tour experience that had a smile-inducing, musical workout that went along with it. Check out our Gallery, and you’ll see what people have to say about their BikeBus experience.