Indoor Cycling On The Move

Empower yourself on the open road, and move your body where you would otherwise be sitting.


You can bring the energy of Bikebus to your company. Reward your employees and clients with a fun experience that creates an engaging environment and makes everyone feel energized.


You can bring the ultimate party experience to you and your friends. Discover the most powerful fitness event that everyone will talk about forever.

Bikebus to Brunch

Join us for an amazing, high energy workout experience while traveling to brunch! It's a different experience every time. Hurry, get tickets while they last. Only 8 available, and they're selling fast.

Bikebus is the most fun exercise experience and should be tried by EVERYONE! Literally – an experience of a lifetime – you’ll tell everyone about it!

- M. Buckingham


Your stationary bike can actually take you places! Connect with each other to upbeat music as you move your body while traveling through scenic side roads, on the highway, and up Boston's bridges.